Marvel Earth-199999

No, Thanos Was Not Justified - NEW!
The lowdown on why the big purple raisin was not justified in the slightest.

Tips For Making Avengers (And Other MCU/Marvel Earth-199999) OCs
Some tips to make better Avengers and MCU-related OCs in general.

Tips For Making Asgardian OCs (And OCs From Other Realms, Too) For Earth-199999
Make better and improved OCs from Asgard and the other realms.

A Few Things To Remember To Improve Your Marvel Characters, Roleplays, & Fanfics
Some pointers and things to keep in mind to create more believable characters and scenarios.

The Avengers/Marvel Cinematic Universe OC Originality Test
Check your character for common cliches among the fandom. Opens in a new window.

Tips To Convert Marvel Comic & Cartoon Characters To The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Make characters from the comics and cartoons fit into the MCU better.

The Marvel/Avengers Roleplaying & OC Creation Resource Kit
Stuff to help you develop your Avengers OCs or find critical information about the universe; mostly a link directory to on-site and offsite resources.

Tips & Notes on Writing & Playing Steve Rogers/Captain America
Be the best Steve you can be!

Tips & Notes on Writing & Playing Thor
Thor is actually quite the bull in a china shop: smart and coordinated enough not to completely wreck things, despite popular belief.

Tips & Notes on Writing & Playing Loki
Nail down that slippery trickster.

Tips & Notes on Writing & Playing Iron Man/Tony Stark
We can't all actually be rich eccentric inventors, but hey, we can pretend...

Superhero Universe Appropriate Crisis Response Chart
Not actually Marvel-specific, but useful for determining if you're matching the right supers to a problem - or whether the problem mandates supers at all.

Reasons Why Asgard (Marvel Earth-199999) Probably Really Sucks
There is clear evidence that all is not well in the Realm Eternal...

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