Tips & Notes on Writing & Playing Thor

Thor can actually figure out 21st century technology well enough to get by on a regular day

Many people portray Thor as being too dense to operate even a toaster. But is this portrayal warranted by what we've seen in films? Not really.

Thor's definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed, but if you pay attention that's not the reason he was so awkward on Earth in Thor - the actual problem was a simple language and cultural barrier. Thor's natural vocabulary tends to confuse people who aren't used to it, and at first he didn't realize that patronyms don't work the same way in America as they do in Asgard. However, it wasn't long before he was helping Jane Foster prepare breakfast by manning the toaster. Furthermore, he actually managed to explain the Nine Realms to Jane fairly well - not necessarily in depth, but well enough to get the basic concept across.

Remember, while Asgard may seem simple at first based on their wardrobe, keep in mind that this is the culture that built the Bifrost, a machine that opens wormholes. Thor doesn't come from a medieval culture - he's from a highly advanced alien race.

Thor does eat more than Pop-Tarts, honest.

The reason Thor ate through an entire box of Pop-Tarts in Thor was because he was hungry. He was still so hungry afterward that the other characters took him to a diner for more food, where he had pancakes and coffee. Later in the film, Thor is shown helping Jane prepare scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, not insisting on more Pop-Tarts.

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