Tips & Notes on Writing & Playing Iron Man/Tony Stark

Tony Stark has nearly 50 years of cultural exposure.

I rarely see people have Tony Stark make a pop-culture reference to anything that came out before the 90's, which is just odd given that he's nearly fifty. For once, I'd like to see him make a Robocop joke or remark upon the hotness of Farrah Fawcett. Where most of you would likely to associate Doctor Who with fezzes, bowties, and runny feet, Tony Stark would be more likely to associate it with massive scarves, Jelly Babies, and celery. Aside from Galaga, Tony would have encountered arcade games such as Pac-Man, Tempest, Arkanoid, and Asteroids. He's practically watched many of the stars you thunk over today grow up.

Tony Stark notices and thinks about stuff.

Being a scientist and a genius, Tony tends to pay attention to what's going on around him, analyze things, and ask questions. An uninterested and uninquisitive Stark is hardly a Stark at all.

Tony Stark is not an alcoholic.

There is a difference between a person an alcoholic and a person who simply drinks alcohol - in the films, Tony is the latter. After the incident in Afghanistan, Tony is shown drunk twice. Once is at the beginning of Iron Man II, and the second is later on when he believed he was dying - operating on the logic that if he was going to die, he might as well indulge himself before he went. He is never shown drinking just to cope with his everyday problems. In the third film, he even turns a drink down.

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