Superhero Universe Appropriate Crisis Response Chart

I created this to help people get a sort of feel or sense of scale when it comes to working out which superheroes or superhero teams should address which crises, or which crises would plausibly be addressed by which superheroes not only in the Marvel universe, but in pretty much any superhero setting set on a world that operates more or less like Earth as we know it. I mean, while you might see an indie hero like Spider-Man going after bank robbers, you wouldn't see an A-list team like the Avengers busting bank robbers. And even Earth-199999 Captain America is a member of the US military and later SHIELD, so you wouldn't expect him to go patrolling the city for criminals any more than you'd expect an FBI agent to go pulling the duties of a beat cop. An indie team operating outside of the law that catches the attention of authorities would find itself facing legal action, which could end up quite severe depending on who or what its members damaged.

So - use this chart to help you work out which types of superhero or superhero team would be optimal or the most plausible in any given crisis in your superhero story or roleplay!

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