Tips For Making Asgardian OCs (And OCs From Other Realms, Too) For Marvel Earth-199999

  • First, the Asgardians do not refer to themselves as gods, at least not among each other. In general, the MCU tends to steer away from presenting the Asgardians as actual gods. Asgardians might refer to themselves as gods to impress or intimidate humans and whatnot, but to have an OC unironically refer to xirself as the "god/goddess of X" among other Asgardians? No. Likewise, don't refer to your character as the "god/goddess of X" unless it's from the perspective of someone who considered xir a god/goddess.
  • If you want to have a character who was considered to be the god or goddess of whatever by the Norse folk, odds are whatever you have in mind has been covered already and you don't need to make up an entirely new character for it. For example, love was covered by Freya and Lofn. Beauty and light was covered by Baldur. Darkness and winter was covered by Hodur. Do some research into Norse mythology before throwing in a new god or goddess out of nowhere.
  • Remember, while Asgardian culture has similarities to old Norse cultures, they're still a separate race and culture - don't assume that just because the Norse people and Vikings did it, the Asgardians do it, too. Take an objective look at the films, and you'll find that some of the things people tend to assume about Asgard either aren't present, or are strongly implied against. For example, Asgardians are not simply superpowered Medieval people - they're a technologically advanced race that also happens to use magic.
  • Try to pick out a name that at least sounds like a Norse name, if not an actual Norse name. (Not all characters had genuine Norse names - eg, Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg were all made up by Marvel.) If you need help finding a decent name along these lines, head ye forth over here. (Steer clear of Greek or Roman-type names - they really don't have the right sound to them.)
  • So far, we've seen that most Asgardians view Earth as quaint at best and primitive/backward at worst. Asgardians on the whole do not have free and easy access to Earth/Midgard, and most of them don't really care about Earth at all. If you're going to have an Asgardian who comes to Earth, try to come up with something a little more substantial than "lol got bored visited Midgard for funsies."
  • Remember, there's more to Asgard and the other realms than wizards, warriors, nobles, and personal servants! Somewhere someone has to make, service, and repair those flying boats, gun turrets, and soulforges. Someone's got to be tailoring those clothes and making those ceremonial armors. Somebody has to be maintaining and repairing those very shiny buildings. Somebody has to be producing, selling, and distributing consumable goods (eg, food, beverage, paper, ink, soap, and cosmetics) to Asgard's citizens. In short, you have a lot of potential characters and stories to choose from and explore. Don't be afraid to think outside the royal box.
  • Don't make up an all-new race or take something from non-Norse mythology or folklore and try to shoehorn it in as something endemic or native to one of the realms of Yggdrasil (Earth/Midgard aside). If you want a new species, there is plenty of room in the universe for another alien planet or a dimension that isn't part of Yggdrasil - and remember, Asgardians have encountered plenty of alien races that aren't from Norse mythology, so it's still possible for such a character from such to have connections with Asgard.
  • Asgardians fashion does not involve corsets. If your character wears a corset, it would have to be for reasons that are completely unrelated to Asgardian fashion.
  • If your character is supposed to be royal or noble, check out Tips To Write Better Royalty, Nobility, & Other Upper-Class & Important Characters.
  • Basic Tips To Improve Your OCs & Fan Characters has more tips for OC creation and development.
  • If your character is for a roleplay, Basic Tips To Make Better & More Appealing Roleplaying Characters has tips for that.

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