OCs, Fan Characters, & Fandom

Canon Character Analysis Questions
Questions to ask yourself about canon characters to help you get to know them better!

Basic Tips To Improve Your OCs & Fan Characters
Just what it says on the tin.

Tips To Create Better OC Relatives of Canon Characters - Updated 3/3/22!
Tips to create fan characters who are related to canon characters that aren't entirely terrible.

How To Make People Like Your OCs
Can't seem to endear your OCs to anyone? Here are some things you can try!

Tips For Making Better Sailor Moon OCs
Make your Sailor Moon fan characters better and more shiny!

Tips For Writing & Roleplaying Canon Characters Better
Assorted tips and pointers to help you improve your skill at writing and roleplaying canon characters.

Marvel Earth-199999
Articles relating to Marvel Comic's Earth-199999 universe, also known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU).

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