Things pertaining to creating worlds and the people, places, governments, creatures, and everything else within them.

General Culture

Country & Culture-Development Questions
Questions to help you develop your countries and their cultures, whether they're fantastic fairytale kingdoms or futuristic space colonies.

Tips To Create Fictional Philosophies & Value Systems
How to create and develop philosophies and value systems - even ones that are very different from what we're familiar with already.

Moral & Ethical System Development Questions
Things to ask to help you work out the details and implications of your setting's moral and ethical systems.

On Creating Fantasy Alphabets
Just some tips and brain-stretchers I wrote on creating fantasy alphabets.

Tips 'n Stuff To Make Better Science Fiction/Fantasy Slang & Swear Words
Make better, catchier, and more potent SF slang and swears!

"I Need A Name For My Town/City!" - Help Coming Up With Names For Fictional Towns And Cities
At a loss for naming your town or city? Here are some tips and things that might help.

Town & City Development Questions
Things to ask yourself when you're developing your towns and cities.

Holiday Development Questions
Questions to ask yourself to help you develop fictional holidays.

Tips To Create Richer & More Realistic Fantasy & Science Fiction Cultures & Civilizations
If you want your fantasy or science fiction worlds to really feel like something that really could exist somewhere, check this out.

Designing Fictional Fashion: Figuring Out What Your SF Characters Wear
Principles to help you figure out what your science fiction, fantasy, or future characters wear.

A Few Things Writers Need To Know About The Medieval Period
Some essentials to know if you're working on or thinking about working on anything inspired by the Middle Ages.

A Few Things Writers Need To Know About Medieval Feudalism
Many European governments used this system during the Middle Ages, so if you plan to write anything inspired by or set in it, it's crucial to know about it.

Things To Know When Writing Historical Fiction & Fictional History
There are some frequent errors people make here, so this article will clear them up.

General Mythology

How Myths & Lore Don't Originate - And How They Do
Some common misconceptions about how and why myths originate tackled. Also, find out where dragons actually originated!

Human Psychology and its Effect on Myths, Legends, and Superstition
A well-developed world needs myths and legends. Here I explore a bit on how they might be born.

Basic Tips To Create More Believable Sci-Fi & Fantasy Religions & Belief Systems
Create more plausible sci-fi and fantasy religions and the like.

Deity-Development Questions
Questions to help you develop better gods, goddesses, and whatnots.

Creatures & Species

Bad Assumptions Writers Make About Aliens
Some questionable ideas that far too many people take for granted concerning aliens and how they might behave.

Fantasy & Science Fiction Creature Development Questions
Things to ask yourself when creating your SF critters.

Tips to Create Better & More Believable Fantasy & Science Fiction Species
Principles that can be applied to every SF creature, sapient or not.

Points To Remember When Designing SF Creatures & Species
Simple stuff to help you make better science fiction and fantasy creatures.

A Few Things Writers Need To Know About Plants & Herbs
Useful facts and information to know about plants and herbs - whether you're creating and designing your own, or using ones that already exist.

Government & Other Organizations

How To Create Fictional Structured Religions
What to know and do when creating fictional religions, from tiny tribal faiths to massive international religion.

Things To Know When Creating & Developing Fictional Governments
Whether fantasy kingdoms, futuristic countries, or just about anything!

"How Should My Royalty/Nobility Behave?" - How To Answer This For Yourself!
Struggling with trying to figure out how your royals and nobles ought to go about things? Struggle no further! Here's how you can work this out for yourself!

On Designing & Writing Oppressive Governments In Your Fiction
What to know when you're writing an oppressive government - whether it's an evil empire or just one rotten country.

Factors That Contribute To Abusive & Dysfunctional Systems/Institutions
Various factors that often lead to a system or institution becoming dysfunctional or even abusive.

How To Write Better & More Believable Masquerades
Writing the kind of story or creating an RPG setting where magical or supernatural folks live under the noses of everyday, regular people? This is for you.

Creating & Writing Fictional Organizations
Creating a fictional organization for your world, or writing a story about people who work or have to deal in one? Check this out.

Magical School Development Questions
Things to ask yourself if you're developing a school for magical-type people!

Things Writers Should Know About Big Businesses
An assortment of things writers ought to know if they're going to be working any big businesses into their settings.

World Mechanics

Phlebotinum-Development Questions
Questions to help you better develop and think out the potential effects of everything from mystical artifacts to superpowers to technological breakthroughs.

On Mixing Science & Magic
Whether or not you do, you have to know how they both work, and most of the people who try to tackle the theme of "science vs. magic" just don't.

On Keeping Magic From "Taking Over" Your Story - Updated 1/22/22!
Magic can be very fun and rewarding to use in a story - but if you're not careful, it can become a deus ex machina for all manner of problems. Learn how to avoid this here!

Spaceships, Airships, & Other Fantastic Crafts: Things To Think Out & Consider
Stuff to think about when you're coming up with science fiction and fantasy crafts.

Setting Rules & Limitations In Your World: Why & How You Need To Do This
This is an absolutely critical part of worldbuilding that often doesn't get half the focus and effort it deserves. Here's why it's so important that you do it, and how you do it properly!

Other Odds 'n Ends

Advice & Tips On Developing Fictional Timelines & Histories
Some things to know and think about when developing a timeline for your world.

Creating Plausibly Functional & Useful Tools, Gadgets, & Weapons For Fiction
Tips and guidelines for coming up with SF tech that looks and feels like stuff people really would develop and would use if they could.

Tips On Taking Inspiration From Real-Life Myth, Lore, Tradition, & Legend Without Looking Pretentious, Ignorant, or Insulting
Taking inspiration from real-life stuff can be great - but there are a few ways it can be done badly! Here are some tips to avoid some of the bigger blunders.

How To Increase The Fun Factor of Your Fiction
Tips to make your fiction more fun overall.

Tips & Ideas To Create More Believable Sword 'n Sorcery Worlds
Make better and more solid fantasy worlds of the variety you tend to find noble knights and magic-waving wizards in.

Tips To Write & Create Better & More Believable Futures
Whether you're writing an original story that happens to be set in the future, or setting a roleplay in the future of your favorite TV show's world.

So You Want An Apocalypse/Cataclysm In Your Plot?
Planning to write a post-apocalyptic world? Or a story where the world as we know it is brought to ruin? Check this out.

Tips To Build Better Post-Apocalyptic And/Or Dystopian Settings
Many post-apocalyptic and dystopian scenarios are poorly thought out and don't really hold up to scrutiny. Find out how you can avoid some common traps and make your own settings of this type more solid.

Points To Remember When Worldbuilding
Some oft-overlooked factors to consider and apply to your world or setting.

Where & How Writers Need To Do The Math
Numbers matter when writing fiction. Here's what you need to know and do.

Worldbuilding-Relevant Generator Index
Browse a list of random generators useful for building worlds and cultures.

On Worldbuilding A Magical Setting - NEW!
Stuff to think about and consider while worldbuilding a magical setting!

Copyable Year Lists (1-5999)
Writing out a chronology? Copy and paste year numbers from this list and fill 'em out accordingly.

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