"I Need A Name For My Town/City!" - Help Coming Up With Names For Fictional Towns And Cities

The first thing to remember is that town and city names don't just spring out of nowhere. By naming a town or city, you are saying or implying something about its history and the people who live or lived there. Here is a list of things where you can derive your town and city names from (any and all of which can overlap with each other).

So with all that in mind, stop and think about the town you're developing so far. Does it have any characteristics or history yet that you could draw a name from? None yet? Then go to a website like randomwebsite.com or Wikipedia and go to a random page, or go to the Random Town Creator and generate a random town and see if anything on that page sticks out at you or sparks an idea either for a name or for part of your town or city's history. Repeat process as necessary or desired.

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