Relationships, Romance, & Shipping

Common Reasons People Hate Relationships In Fiction
If you're planning to write a relationship, you need to make sure these don't happen!

How To Build Up A Believable Romance
What you need to know in order to build up a believable romance between your characters.

Are Your Characters In Love Or Just Infatuated?
Much too often, infatuation is mistaken for true love. How can you know whether your characters are written as people who are truly in love, or simply as people who are intensely infatuated with each other?

Basic Tips To Write Healthy Relationships
For whether you're writing a romance story, or a story that happens to have a romance in it.

A Few Things Guys Need To Know About Writing Straight Romances
If you're a guy trying to write a straight romance, here are a few things to know so you don't end up with a painfully cringetastic story on your hands.

Romantic Couple Development Questions
Questions to help you better develop your romances, ships, and OTPs.

On Writing Abusers, Abuse Victims, & Abuse Situations - Revised February 5, 2021!
Because there are a lot of misconceptions about abuse and such.

Things To Avoid When Writing Romance Novels
Unfortunate and implausible archetypes and scenarios that keep popping up in romance novels that have got to go.

Tips to Write & Roleplay Believable Successful Long-Term Relationships
Whether you're writing a couple or playing one half of a ship or intended ship.

More Tips For Portraying Believable, Functional, & Healthy Relationships
Yet more tips for writing or roleplaying solid relationships. Some of it's especially applicable to shipping OCs with canon characters.

Yet More Tips To Portray Believable & Healthy Friendships & Romances
Yep, even MORE! Also a great article for those of you looking to write canon/OC relationships.

Tips To End Canon Ships Better & More Believably
Looking to end a canon ship so you can write your preferred/desired ship? Here are a few tips and pointers.

So You Want To Have An Attractive Character?
Tips and advice to up the attractiveness and sex appeal of your characters.

What Romantic Chemistry Looks Like
A romance story needs to show proper romantic chemistry between its characters to be believable. Here's what chemistry looks like.

How To Avoid Creating Shallow Love Interests & Shallow Best Friends
Shallow love interests and shallow best friends often don't make for very popular characters. Here's how you can avoid creating them.

Basic Tips To Write Intimate Scenes
Planning to put an intimate scene of some kind into your story? Here are some tips that apply to all forms of intimacy.

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