Character Conceptualization & Creation

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General Creation & Development

"Does My Character Work Okay?" - How To Tell For Yourself!
Never take a Mary Sue test again - ask yourself these ten simple questions instead!

Character Creation & Development Theory (Or, How To Make Characters 101!)
The basic processes of creating and developing characters, as well as the basic anatomy of a complete character.

Quick & Dirty Characterization Tips & "Cheats"
For those times when you need to create a character fast.

Character Development Questions
Questions to help you develop your characters.

Simple Ways To Fill Out & Humanize Your Character
Both in terms of your character's history and personality, and in terms of how the character acts in the story.

Ensemble Cast Development Questions
Questions to help you develop, balance, and diversify an ensemble cast.

Creating Semi-Randomized Characters
Some of the methods I use to create semi-randomized characters.

Character Traits To Roll Your 2d6 For
Do you have a couple of six-sided dice on hand, or maybe lying around in some unplayed board game somewhere? Here are some suggestions for character traits that you can roll them for to randomize.

Common, Yet Terrible Character Descriptors - And How To Fix Them (And Write Better Descriptions In General)
How to describe your character so your description contains useful information, rather than useless generalities.

Hazards & Liabilities In Hair, Costume, & Wardrobe
Things to keep in mind when designing characters who work in potentially-hazardous situations.

Building Better Backstories - Tips & Ideas
Stuff to help you make better and more effective backstories for your characters.

On Giving Your Characters Flaws & Weaknesses
Giving characters good flaws and weaknesses is a little more complicated than many realize.

A Few Things Writers Need To Know About Maturity & Mental Development
A few issues that writers commonly make mistakes with straighted out and cleared up.

Reasons Your Character Might Be Boring
Concerned about ending up with a boring character? Take a look at these common reasons characters end up being boring - and what you can do to avoid them.

Core Drives: What They Are, And Why Your Characters Need Them
Core drives can make the difference between a boring, poorly-written character and an interesting, well-written one. So here's what they are and how they work!

Powers & Skills & Characters Who Have Them

How To Write Powerful & Extraordinary Characters Without Being Obnoxious Or Boring - Updated 11/20/20!
Yes, you can write powerful characters and have them turn out well. Here's some ways to do it.

Tips 'N Stuff To Create, Write, & Draw Better Female Action Heroes
Create more awesome asskicking ladies.

Yet Another Superpower Generation Tool
A method to come up with powers for superheroes and supervillains using dice.

Keeping Shapeshifters From Getting Overpowered
Some quick ideas for keeping shapeshifting characters in check.

Tips & Ideas To Make Better & More Interesting Powers
Whether superhero or supernatural, these tips and ideas can you come up with and develop powers that make for great characters and great stories.

Things About Skills, Talents, & Knowledge Writers Need To Know
Planning to make your character some sort of genius, master, or expert? Check this article out - because far too many writers overlook these things!

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