Which Magical Technique Suits You Best?

There are many different methods that witches, mages, and the like might use to work their magic. Take this quiz to find one that's suitable for you!

Which of the four classical elements do you connect to the most? (If you're not sure, you can take the quiz here.)

Which of these do you already like to do, or would be interested in learning more about? (Try to pick around 1-3.)
Drawing, painting, or similar.
Sculpting or crafting.
Writing poetry or lyrics.
Stovetop cooking or making tea.
I'm not especially interested in any of these.

Does your intuition or gut turn out to be right most of the time?
Sure seems to.
Not that I recall.

When you're out and about, does it ever seem like you can 'feel' the ambient energy in a place?
Seems like it, yeah.
I don't think so.

Do you often feel like inanimate items have personalities, or find yourself thinking of or treating them as if they were conscious and aware? (EG apologizing to stuffed animals, electronics, or vehicles.)
Sounds about right.
No, not really.

Do you like to keep knickknacks or trinkets, or to put charms on your phones or bags, or do you wear jewelry often?
I do!
Nah, that's not really me.

Do you find it easy to remember song lyrics or poems?
Yes, usually.
Not especially.

Do you find it fairly easy to come up with rhymes or alliterations?
Yeah, I do!
Nah, not really.

Are you interested in symbols, signs, or in writing systems?
At least one of these piques my interest.
None of these are my thing.

Does the idea of hidden symbols and secret meanings fascinate you?
Yes, it does.
Not particularly.

How are you at remembering fine or intricate details?
Pretty good.
Not so good.

Do you have a good sense for aromas or flavors that complement each other?
Yes, I think so.
No, I don't think so.

Can you easily prepare food from scratch?
Yes, I can!
Not really.

How do you feel about buying or collecting extra/special items for your magical projects?
I'm up for it.
I'd rather not have to.

Do you feel that magic could be found in modern/man-made things, or that modern/man-made things could become magical?
Yes, I think so.
No, I don't think so.
Not sure.

Which of these might you do to make yourself feel better after a bad day? (Try to pick around 1-3.)
Listen to music or read poetry.
Write about how I feel.
Talk to or cuddle a toy, or complain to my car/computer/whatever.
Craft something, or plan a craft.
Draw or scribble.
Have some good food or a drink.
Take a walk or drive somewhere.
Take a hot bath.
Study or research something.

⁣ (Remember, this quiz is just for fun and should not be taken as any sort of professional personality assessment.)

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