What's Your Dominant Element?

Which of the four which classical element - air, earth, fire or water - dominates your personality, based on traits and characteristics commonly associated with them? Take this quiz and find out!

You believe that it's most important to listen to...
Your heart.
Your head.
Your gut.
Other people's advice.

You find yourself bored and alone with some books and magazines. What catches your interest? (Try to pick around 1-3.)
The book on logic and critical thinking.
The book on working through emotional issues.
The magazine with tips on starting a new business or project.
The action/adventure story.
The story about a family of courageous homesteaders.
The magazine with cooking and crafting ideas.
The mystery novel.
The magazine with the article on the latest fashion trends.
The story about a dramatic tragedy.
The book on managing finances and saving money.
The book on war/combat tactics and strategy.
The romance story.
The book of do-it-yourself home projects.
The magazine featuring interesting and exciting travel destinations.

Which of these annoys you most to see in fiction? (Try to pick around 1-3.)
Factual inaccuracies and/or internal inconsistencies.
Characters behaving unrealistically.
Slow plots.
Characters making hasty or rash decisions.
Passive/unmotivated main characters.
Main characters who treat others unfairly or inconsiderately without being called out on it.
Romantic or relationship-oriented subplots/developments being rushed over.

You see yourself more as...
A big picture person - I try to look at how things fit into the grander scheme of things, and plan and act accordingly.
A here-and-now person - I tend to focus more on this moment and what's happening in it, and tend not to make too many long-term plans.
I try to take both into account.

Which of these can you most easily see yourself doing? (Try to pick around 1-3.)
Mediating between disagreeing parties.
Advising on strategy.
Coming up with ideas.
Advising on finances or resource management.
Advising on risk management.
Giving emotional counseling or support.
Getting down and getting the hard and dirty work done!
Leading a project or expedition.
Doing charity work, or just making sure everyone has all of the goods and supplies they need.

How patient do you consider yourself?
Very patient, usually.
Usually very impatient!
Somewhere between.

What's closest to your feelings on hope and optimism?
It's a very good thing to have!
It can be all right, as long as you don't overdo it.
It's foolishness.

Which do you run into the most problems with and/or which have caused you the most trouble in the past? (Try to choose around 1-3.)
Projecting my thoughts and feelings onto others.
Failing to handle my own negative emotions in a healthy and responsible way.
Failing to use logic and rationality to put things into perspective when I'm highly emotional.
Being too stingy with money, or hoarding things.
Spending too much money, or using things up/giving them away too carelessly.
Getting too wrapped up in/obsessed with my work or my projects, or working myself to exhaustion.
Failing to consider the consequences of my actions.
Being too bossy or domineering when working or socializing with others.
Getting burned out on/losing motivation for my plans and projects.
Overanalyzing things - getting a lot of thinking done, but not much else.
Trying to apply purely logical/rational solutions to problems with emotional components.
Trying to offer help or advice without first making sure it's wanted.

Do your emotions and feelings often dramatically shift very quickly?
Not really.
Somewhere between/not sure.

If you could choose one for a pet:
I don't want either.

Do you tend to prefer working on a team/collaborating with others?
Yes, I like working with others.
I can take it or leave it, depending on.
I prefer working alone.

Finally, what's closest to your opinions on tradition?
I think tradition is good for the most part - things usually become tradition for good reasons.
It's not necessarily bad, but we should always weigh the costs and benefits of any tradition, even if it's popular or highly respected.
Sometimes you just gotta break tradition and do things your own way, you know?

⁣ (Remember, this quiz is just for fun and should not be taken as any sort of professional personality assessment.)

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