Textual ASMR: A Servant Prepares You For The Ball

Textual ASMR featuring a servant getting you ready for a ball. This one follows up on A Gentle Prince Nurses You To Health, so check it out if you haven't already.

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Under the prince's care, you have recovered from your wounds. In the meantime, the prince's family has been preparing for a ball, which is tonight. You've been invited to attend, and a servant has been sent to your room to help you get ready. She comes in pushing a rack of gorgeous dresses with a shelf on top for an assortment of items.

Hello there! Are you excited for the ball?

I'm here to help you get ready. First I'll give you a manicure. Then you'll need to pick a dress. And then I'll do your hair and makeup. And of course, I brought a selection of jewelry.

Here's the manicure set. Sit down on the chair, please? Then I can get started.

Oh, you have lovely fingers.

Here, let's just trim up those nails a little...

Let's do your left thumb...

Now your left index finger...

...Your middle finger...

And your left ring finger...

And your little finger.

There we go. Now let's do the other hand...

We'll start with your right thumb...

...And then your right index finger...

...Your right middle finger...

The ring finger...

And the little finger.

Now let me buff them up a bit...

Such lovely nails.

A little buff and polish will make them look so nice.

Here we go...




There, all done.

Now why don't you get up and pick out a dress?

They all belonged to a young contessa who was part of the court... until she was caught scheming against the royal family. Then she fled into the woods. Nobody's seen her since.

Hopefully, it'll stay that way.

Anyway, you're in luck because her dresses are just your size.

Go ahead, go look through them. Feel them for yourself to decide which you want to wear.

I like this silky blue one.

Of course, the frilly peach one's nice, too.

I think the black velvet gown is a little dreary for a ball myself.

Maybe this red one? It might be a little snug around the hips, but...

This green one would make you look like a woodland princess.

The pink one's very floaty. It would make you look quite sweet.

So many to choose from.

I'll give you a moment to pick.


You've decided? All right, good. Let's get it on you.

You know, I think it suits you very well.

Just slip your legs in here, and your arms in here.

Let me just get you laced up.

Can you breathe in? We need to make sure it's not too tight.

Take a deep breath.

Is your breathing comfortable?

If not, I'll loosen it for you.

There we go. Perfect.

Oh, you look lovely. I think you'll be turning heads all night.

Now let's get your hair ready. Please, have a seat on the chair.

You have such nice hair.

Let me just run my fingers through, get these little knots untangled.

Here's one...

...And another...

What's this by your ear?

What a curious little mark.

My grandma used to say that people with a mark like that had a great destiny.

She knew lots of things, my grandma.

Let's finish your hair.

Now that all the big knots are out, I have a comb.

Let me just run it through...

Oh, your hair is so nice.

How would you like it styled tonight?


Hmm, I can do that.

Let me just comb a bit more...

There we go.

Now to get you styled...

Just relax and sit still.

This is a good time to breathe all your cares and worries out.

That was something else my grandma taught me, that when you're stressed and worried, you should take a deep breath and breathe it all out.











Oh, look. There's a lovely hairpin here that would look nice with your dress. Would you like to wear it?

All right, now that's your hair done.

Let's do your makeup.

First, here's a little blush. Not too much, of course. Just enough to give you a little glow.

Now let's give you a little lipstick. Here's just the right color for you.

Open your mouth for me?

Good, let's just get this on...

And there you go. Perfect.

Now let's give you a little eyeshadow. It should suit your dress, of course. Oh, here's some colors that will look perfect.

Close your eyes, please?

Let's do the left eyelid...


...And now the right...


There, done.

Now here's a little mascara, to make your eyelashes stand out.

You know, you're actually very pretty. You don't need any of this to look nice.

But it is nice dressing up, isn't it?

We're almost done now.

Here, look inside this jewelry box and see if there's anything you like.

I think you should wear this necklace. The color of the gem would really bring out your eyes.

Do you want to wear it?

All right.

Oh, these earrings would look stunning.

Let me put them on you?


Well, that's everything.

You're all ready to go!

Oh, if the prince seems a little... distant tonight, please don't take it personally.

He sometimes has nights where he's... a little strange.

Sometimes he disappears for hours at night.

Between you and me, I think he has a secret he doesn't want anyone to know.

But don't tell anyone I said that.

Well, time to get going. You don't want to be late, after all.

Have a lovely evening!

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