Textual ASMR: Magic Cleanse & Charge

Someone told me that my writing gives them an ASMR reaction, so I decided to just go ahead and deliberately write ASMR-inducing text. It's loosely set in the SoulMettle universe, though it's not necessary to be familiar with it.

You are standing in the woods on a warm, clear day. Standing before you is a witch, wizard, warlock, or whatever you wish to call them, looking at you with a gentle expression. Though you cannot quite place where you've seen them before, they feel familiar to you. Perhaps you met them when you were very young... or perhaps you met them long ago in another lifetime.

So you want to be cleansed and charged up?

Looking for a magic boost, huh?

Well, that's what I do. And you couldn't have picked a better day. It's so nice and sunny. Can you hear the birds? And if you listen, you can hear the creek behind those trees.

Please sit down. The grass is soft, and there's no sticks or stones. I cleaned them all up.

There you go. It's okay if you don't cross your legs. You just need to get comfortable. Can you smell those flowers?

Before we start, I must warn you - your life will change after this. You'll be sensitive to mystical energies, and the magical energy you put off will attract... not so nice spirits. You should have magical protection, if you go through with this.

What kind of magical protection? Well, a line of ground eggshell around your house can make a barrier. Or I hear you can hang a horseshoe above your door. Or even make a big energy shield around your house. Up to you.

You're ready? Good.

First let's get you relaxed. I have a Thermos of chamomile tea. It's still warm. Would you like some? It smells so nice. Let me just pour some into a cup.

You should take some deep breaths now. Don't rush. Go slow. There's no reason to hurry. Ready?









Feeling relaxed now? Or do you need to breathe a little more? I'll wait until you're ready. Just say when.


All right, now the first thing we need to do is cleanse you. We have to get all those bad energies off you first, or... they'll just mess everything up.

I'm going to be using a wand. It's made of birch, and it has a little quartz crystal attached to the end with copper wire. See the little symbols on the wood? Those help, too. They give it more power - though the real power comes from me, of course.

I like this wand. It works really well. I used to do smoke cleansing for this, but some people are allergic. And besides, I don't want to risk starting a forest fire.

Oh, yes - smoke cleansing is the proper term. You might have heard some people call it "smudging," but smudging is specific to Native American cultures. Or you can call it recaning.

I don't do smoke cleansing anymore. Some people are allergic to it, and we don't need to risk starting a forest fire. Not that it's likely in the spring, but even so.

If you ever want to play with fire, make sure you're careful. You can never be too careful.

All right, let's get started. Breathe deeply now, imagining your negative energies leaving your body as you exhale.

All of your worries.

All of your fears.

All of your doubts.

Breathe out all the negativity that's been stuck in your bones.

Breathe In. Breathe it out. In. Out. In. Out.

Breathe out all the negativity that's been stuck in your muscles and in your tendons.

Breathe In. Breathe it out. In. Out. In. Out.

Breathe out all the negativity that's been stuck in your skin.

Breathe In. Breathe it out. In. Out. In. Out.

I'm moving the wand in a brushing motion to 'brush' all the negativity away from you.

...Up and down...

...Down and up...

..Left to right...

...Right to left...

...Up, down...

...Down, up...

...Left, right...

...Right, left...

All of your bad energies are banished far, far away. They won't come back. They'll catch somewhere and decay away, become neutral.

How do you feel? Ready to move on? Or do we need to do it a little more?


So you're ready? All right.

We're going to fill you with the power of the four elements now. Let's start with Earth and Water. Imagine the green Earth energy and the blue Water energy coming up into your body from below, entering into your spine, filling your arms, filling your legs. Feel it in your fingertips, in your toes.

Now let's do Air and Fire. Imagine the misty white energy of Air and the scarlet energy of Fire coming down from the sky, entering through the top of your head, traveling down your spine and filling your arms and legs. Feel it in your fingertips, in your toes.

Feel the four energies come together and dance as one inside your body.

Feel it charge your bones with power.

Feel it charge your heart with power.

Feel it charge your lips and your limbs with power.

Feel it awaken your magical gifts.

Can you feel your connection to the Earth? The universe? Can you hear the whispers of the waters far below? Can you hear the song of the stars?

Take a moment to just listen.

To just feel.

There's no rush.




While we're here, let's get you a little protection.

Let's make you a shield.

Right now your body is full of extra energy. Now usually, if you have too much energy, you send it down into the ground. But today, you're going to make a shield.

Imagine that extra energy forming a protective bubble around you.

If anyone sends negative energy at you, it'll bounce off.

If anyone tries to drain your energy, it will block them.

Your shield only lets in good things, and only lets out things you want out.

Don't forget, your shield can lose power or become damaged over time. Don't forget to regularly check it and recharge it.

Now stand back up.

Stretch a little.

How do you feel?

Take a moment to observe how you feel.


Well, now you're all done here. You may go on your way.

Oh - don't forget to meditate regularly, either. Take ten or fifteen minutes a day. It helps.

Farewell now, and safe journeys.

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