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October 15, 2021: Thanks for waiting so long for this; creative blocks are a pain. I've added the Dramatic Curse Generator!

October 6, 2021: Added Why New Age Spirituality Even Is Creepier Than You Thought.

September 24th, 2021: Some Observations On Conspiracy Propaganda.

September 14, 2021: Added Addressing Claims of Alien Theorists & Believers.

August 15, 2021: Added Common Ways Fiction Trivializes & Others People.

July 25, 2021: Added the Character Name Origin Generator!

July 3, 2021: Rewrote Basic Tips To Improve Your OCs & Fan Characters.

May 23, 2021: Rewrote A Beginner's Guide To Spotting Cranky Websites and retitled it to A Beginner's Guide To Spotting Cranky Websites & Culty Groups.

May 5, 2021: Oops! Yesterday, the file for Basic Tips To Write Healthy Relationships wasn't properly updated. Sorry for that; it's fixed now!

May 4, 2021: Rewrote Basic Tips To Write Healthy Relationships.

April 28, 2021: Added Sketchy Spiritualities & Shady Pseudohistories: What People Need To Know

April 26, 2021: Added European Dragons: What You Might Not Know About Them.

April 8, 2021: Added Common Heroic Narrative Tropes We Should Question.

March 5, 2021: Added How To Get In Touch With Nature (It's Easier Than You Probably Think!).

February 5, 2021: Updated and revised the article on writing abused characters and abuse situations to On Writing Abusers, Abuse Victims, & Abuse Situations.

December 30, 2020: Updated and revised Basic Tips To Create Better Characters With Tragic & Traumatic Backstories.

November 29, 2020: The old article on mixing science and magic has been completely rewritten and retitled to On Mixing Science & Magic.

November 25, 2020: Added A Brief Primer On The Four Elements.

November 20, 2020: Revised and retitled the old article about writing good powerful characters - it's now How To Write Powerful & Extraordinary Characters Without Being Obnoxious Or Boring.

November 17, 2020: Revised Basic Tips To Write Better Chosen Ones.

November 15, 2020: Revised an old article: Things Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Should Know About Science.

November 10, 2020: Revised the old article Basic Tips To Write Better & More Despicable Villains.

November 5, 2020: Added Writing Historically Accurate European Magic & Witchcraft: A Starting Guide. Also removed a few old articles with outdated, oversimplistic, and sometimes honestly pretty badly-done advice regarding writing minorities. (The useful stuff has made it into other articles, don't worry.) And I do apologize for that lousy content, and I will do my best to write better going forward.

September 16, 2020: Added What Writers Need To Know About Liars & Manipulators.

July 17, 2020: Updated and upgraded the old symbolism article to Using Symbolism, Metaphor, Subtext, & Coding In Your Story - Where And How.

June 20, 2020: Added An Anti-Racism Primer For White Folks.

April 3, 2020: Added Textual ASMR: A Servant Prepares You For The Ball.

April 1, 2020: Added Textual ASMR: A Gentle Prince Nurses You To Health.

March 31, 2020: Added Textual ASMR: Heart-Mending Magic.

March 29, 2020: Added Textual ASMR: Magical Cleanse & Charge.

March 22, 2020: Added the SoulMettle story Searching For Magic.

January 15, 2020: Added Writing Fantastic People & Creatures Without Unfortunate Implications. Also, added Foxes In Love's sprite to the patron gallery!

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