The Despie & Illiterate Roleplayer's Handbook
A sarcastic list that grew on a Neopets message board a few years ago.

Bad Defenses For Bad Fantasy Bingo Card
Have this on hand when the next terrible fantasy sensation takes hold!

Awful Teen Paranormal Romance Story MadLib
Fill in the blanks to make your own personalized story!

You know you're a netizen of the early 21st century when...
Awwwwwww yeah!

How to be a Completely Revolting Fan
How to lose friends and drive away people with your fandom!

Dear Internet Roleplayers of Questionable Skill...
Everything I want to say to the people whose roleplaying skills could use... uh... just a little improvement.

The Bad OC Love Interest's Handbook
How to be the awfullest OC love interest you can be!

How To Dress & Look Like A Female CRPG Protagonist - NEW!
...Maybe not the wisest choice ever...