Named by Dr. Edgar Wilson in 1941, mysteranium is a rare shiny bluish-green gray metallic element, with an atomic weight of 105.18672 au and a hardness of 2.75 on the Mohs scale. Its melting point is 1583 degrees Fahrenheit. It yields and bends under stress. When exposed to oxygen, it produces a blue-colored oxide comparable in color to cobalt blue. Its elemental symbol is My.

Pure mysteranium is a tightly controlled substance in most countries. Sale is usually prohibited without permits, which are usually highly difficult to obtain. However, this has not prevented it from being sold on the black market. Because of its scarcity, refined mysteranium can cost millions per gram.

A highly unusual property of mysteranium is that people who are exposed to a high form of energy (such as a surge of electricity) while having approximately a quarter of a gram to half a gram in their bodies may develop strange abilities or physiological changes. They are commonly known as mysteranium-enhanced people.

Mysteranium and magic are strongly linked to magic in a few ways. For one thing, the metal is very good at holding a magical charge, and unlike metals such as iron and steel, it releases it fairly easily as well. In addition, the majority of mysteranium has been found in ancient magical sites, though controlled magical experiments conducted by the military have consistently failed to actually produce any. But unbeknownst to the US military, an American mage by the name of Jennifer Brennan discovered at least one origin of mysteranium in 1967 - it seems to come into our universe in appreciable quantities as a byproduct of the creation of magical portals. (However, as portals are extremely difficult, even the most experienced of mages are loathe to create them except in the direst of circumstances.)

Traces of mysteranium can become trapped in crystalline structures - EG, quartz, diamond, etc. Crystals containing mysteranium usually exhibit blue hues ranging from purples to blues to bluish-greens. They will also glow brightly for several hours if exposed to electricity. Some have tried to grind up and ingest mysteranium-laced crystals with the intention of developing superpowers, but so far this has proven not to be effective.

Viricite is a type of crystal that contains mysteranium, and it's sought after by many mages. However, it's very rare, so not too many people are likely to come into its possession.

Mysteranium oxide can also be added to glass in order to increase its ability to absorb and store aether for later use. Glass colored thus will be a similar color to cobalt glass. Mysteranium crystals and oxide can also be used to produce blue goldstone just as cobalt can. (However, mysteranium's high cost prevents this from being done very often.)

Mysteranium or mysteranium oxide is also a necessary ingredient in permanent/essential transformation potions - there is no other way to make transformation magic permanent. (More on transformation magic and potions can be found here and here.)

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