What Is Your Metallum Animae?

In the mid 1930s, mage Alameda Crane developed an idea that most, if not all people could be classified into one of six general personality categories, and that each of these categories would correspond with what kinds of magics or powers they would be most likely to acquire. Crane named each of the six categories after an industrial metal: copper, aluminum, brass, iron, zinc, and steel. She collectively referred to them as the six metalla animae, or soul metals.

Over the years, Crane and various members of her organization, the Modern Society of Magical Research, conducted various surveys and studies, and their research found that certain magical aptitudes and powers did indeed tend to correspond each category more than others - though there have also been plenty of exceptions.

Where would you or your characters fit into this scheme? Take the quiz and find out!

Which area would you rather work in?
Someplace like management or command, where I can monitor everything and help everyone stay coordinated on the field.
Out in the field, where I can lend my assistance as directly as possible.
From the sidelines, lending vital support through something like medicine, psychology, engineering, or scientific research.
I don't really care, as long as I'm doing something useful.
...None? I don't want to work at all if I can help it.

Which among these qualities would you consider extremely important for your own mentor to have? Try to pick 1-3:
Gets right down to what I need to learn and doesn't waste my time with fluff or natter.
Sees my potential and won't judge me too harshly when I make a mistake.
Has lots of personal experience with the subject and a solid reputation in it.
Takes an attentive, hands-on approach and gives me useful feedback so I know how I'm doing.
Understands that just because my ways and ideas are different, doesn't make them wrong.
Is mature, stable, and reliable.

When you speak out about something you feel is important, how do you usually do it? Try to pick 1-3:
I use carefully measured words to persuade people to see things my way.
I say exactly what's on my mind and hold nothing back, even if might seem harsh or cruel.
I aim to channel my passion into devastating eloquence and wit.
I try to explain myself calmly and plainly, but without sugarcoating anything.
Actually, I usually just keep quiet. Speaking up is rarely worth the effort.
I try to appeal to people's compassion and humanity.

Which of the four elements do you identify with most?

What are you most likely to do if someone gets upset with something you said or did? Try to pick 1-3:
I immediately apologize and/or offer a gift or favor to try to make things better.
Carefully assess whether I actually did anything wrong. If I did do something wrong, I offer an apology and/or try to make other suitable amends. If I didn't actually do anything wrong, I don't.
I defend myself and fight back! I had reasons for what I said or did, even if the other party doesn't understand them.
I do my best to offer a thoughtful apology and make it clear that I don't want us to be at odds with each other. If the other party can't accept and work with that, it's not my problem.
I immediately do whatever I can to fix the issue that made the other party upset, if at all possible. If it's not possible, I try to move on as best as I can.
I just brush it off. I rarely care what anyone else thinks.

What kind of traits would you look for in a potential apprentice or partner? Try to pick 1-3:
Being able and willing to put up with (and maybe even help me out with) my weird shenanigans.
A patient, considerate, and responsible attitude.
Attentiveness, alertness, and flexibility.
A strong sense of compassion and sympathy for those in pain and need.
The ability to differentiate between what's important and needs addressed or dealt with, and what's tangential or a distraction.

Which type of people out of these tend get on your nerves the most? Try to pick 1-3:
People who refuse to get up and take action, or who try to stop you from getting up and taking action yourself.
People who immediately ignore or dismiss your ideas and passions.
People who behave brashly and recklessly.
People who constantly assume the worst in others, or have no compassion for anyone else's suffering.
People who give up just because it can't be done quickly or easily.
People who waste your time and energy in some way, such as with pointless gossip or useless tasks.

Which of these scenarios sound the most appealing to you? Try to pick 1-3:
Defeating your enemies in glorious fashion and having everyone recognize you for the awesome badass you are.
Being world famous for your skills and talents.
Solving an ancient riddle or philosophical conundrum once and for all.
Having a nice, quiet place to live where it's just you and those you care about most.
Having someone who adores and understands you to always be around to love and care for you.
Living in a friendly community where everyone knows each other and gets together regularly.

Which of these would would be the worst to have a nightmare about? Try to pick 1-3:
Your friends are in trouble, but you can't do anything because you've been locked up or placed under heavy restrictions.
You make a critical mistake while trying to help your friends, and no one will forgive you for it.
Everyone finds out you're a fraud who's been faking it the whole time.
You are suddenly forced into a situation where you have no personal freedom and you must follow a long list of senseless rules to the letter.
Everyone acts like you've done something unforgivably wrong, but they won't tell you what it is.
You fight as hard as you can to protect your friends, but at the last minute you learn that they're already dead.

Which sentiments do you relate to the most? Try to pick 1-3:
If you're not going to help me, then at least have the decency to stay out of my way.
The world would be a better place if fewer people were afraid of change and the unknown.
A major problem with the world is too many unqualified idiots who act like they know what they're doing or talking about, but don't.
People need to stop sweating the small stuff and learn to take things less personally.
One major problem with the world is that we don't just talk to each other and sort out our problems peacefully.
Almost everyone has something to contribute. You shouldn't give up trying just because you aren't rich or powerful.

How important do you think planning is?
Not very. As long as I have a goal, I can make up the rest as I go along.
Moderately. It's good to have a general outline, but there needs to be room to improvise.
Very. A well-made plan is nearly always essential to getting anything done.

How well do you deal with having nothing particularly useful or productive to do?
Great! The less I need to do around here, the better.
I do okay in moderate doses, but it doesn't usually take me too long to get antsy.
Awful. I nearly always need to keep myself busy or else I'm just not okay.

How easily do you get frustrated or discouraged when what you're trying to do doesn't quite work the way you wanted or thought they should have?
Not too easily. It's a little annoying, sure, but I can usually manage one way or another.
I can get pretty upset and I might have doubts about what I'm doing, but I usually pull myself back together and get going again without too much trouble.
Very easily. I'm even tempted to just give up sometimes.

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