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The time is now.

Not even a week ago, three strange occurences began to take place:

First, there were spectacular auroras worldwide.

Then there was a massive meteor shower, with meteors blazing into the Earth's atmosphere in a dazzling array of colors.

The day after, an unusual number of rainbows were sighted with no apparent atmospheric cause.

Scientists, theologians, and everyday people speculated and argued over what these strange things might mean. But not you - you were one of the few who knew. On the night of the meteor shower, a sprite came into your room and delivered the most important message of your life - that you were chosen to fight an incoming evil.

Not too long before, an evil force invaded a faraway planet. The people there fought back valiantly, but not without heavy losses. A lone sage created an order of magical knights to fight the enemy off; only then did they succeed.

The sage knew that while they had won, the enemy would seek another planet to devour - a blue and green world orbiting a yellow star. So he sent out sprites to deliver his magic to that planet and train up a new order of knights before the enemy arrived.

You are one of these knights.


Added some stuff to explain why you're not going to see each and every potential knight in one place at one time.
Fixed broken Changes & Locations link.
Added Places & Locations page; updated Costume Design page.