Realistic & Semi-Reastic Names

For stories and roleplays that take place in the real world, or in a fantasy, future, or science fiction world very close to it, these name generators should serve you well.

Name Origin Generator - NEW!
Figure out where your character's name came from!

American Mage Name Generator
Generate names that might befit American witches, wizards, or even just regular people who sound like they might be hanging around weird little Oregonian towns.

First Name Generator
First Names and first names only.

Surname Generator
Surnames and surnames alone.

The Astonishing Adventures of Citizen Mask Name Generator
Generate names for people living in or around 1930s-1940s America or settings inspired by the time period (EG, Dieselpunk settings, or settings inspired by Golden Age comics or pulp fiction stories).

The Chronicles of Peter Pratchett in Wonderland Name Generator
Generate silly names for silly magical people.

Fairytale Name Generator
Create names inspired by fairytales and nursery rhymes.

Free Spirit Name Generator
Generate the type of names that you might find on hippie-types and the like.

Goth/Vampire Name Generator
Just in time for Halloween! names perfect for all creatures of the night!

Japanese Name Generator
Create Japanese names for everything from perfectly normal Japanese people to magical ninjas.

Nature-Themed Name Generator
Create names with a nature theme. Particularly suitable for naming hobbits and such.

Television Drama Name Generator
Create character names from a pool of hundreds of names used in television dramas. If you're looking for "normal" character names, this is the name generator for you.

The Name Smasher
Blends popular and well-known names together.

Pirate Namer
Create a respectable (or silly) pirate name for yourself, your crew, your best friend, your dog, your mother...

Stage & Band Name Origin Generator
Come up with name ideas for your rappers, rock stars, and other performers. Also, it's not half-bad for figuring out names for giant mechas.

The Surname Smasher
Blends popular and well-known surnames together.

Victorian Name Generator
Create Victorian-type names for your characters.

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