Animal & Non-Humanoid Character Generators

Create pets, animals, monsters, and characters that for the most part don't walk on two legs.

Bugbear (Hairy Monster) Generator - NEW!
Generate random bugbears - IE, the classical "hairy monster" type of creature.

Cat Generator
Meow mew meow mow miaaou meow!

Companion Owl Generator
Make owl buddies for witches and wizards and such. OvO

Creepypasta & Horror Creep Generator
Come up with creeps and monsters for horror stories and creepypastas.

Dragon Generator
Scaly dragons, treasure-hoarding dragons, wingaling dragons... all are now at your fingertips!

Kaiju Generator
Create city-stomping monstrosities and gigantic guardians!

Fantasy/Mythical Animal Generator
Generate colorful descriptions of animal mashups/hybrids along the lines of which you might see in classical mythology.

Magical Pet Maker
Make magical animal companions ala Sailor Moon and Princess Gwenevere & The Jewel Riders.

Marvelous Technicolor Pony Maker
There's nothing little girls and boys love more than itty-bitty horsies that come in all colors of the rainbow!

Robot Generator
Come up with everything from tiny household robots to monstrous mechas!

Wacky Hybrid Creature Generator
Create strange hybrid creatures that blend ordinary animals with everything from other animals to inanimate objects.

Wolf/Werewolf Generator
Get random wolf characters, or even get ideas for werewolf characters.

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