Backstory & Origin Generators

Generators to help you build up and fill out the personal histories of your characters.

Backstory Idea Generator
Get ideas to build up your character's basic backstory with.

Creepypasta & Horror Creep Origin Generator
Get origin ideas for your creepypasta or horror monster. (Warning: Results may be disturbing and gross.)

How You Got Your Superpowers
Every superhero and supervillain came by 'em somehow. Find your hero/villain backstory here.

How You Got Your Item
Where did you find your magical talisman? How did you come across your tome of obscure lore? Where did that piece of missing jewelry finally turn up? Find out here.

How Your Character Become A Vampire - NEW!
How did your character end up as a bloodsucking creature of the night? Find out here!

Why Your Character Was Worthy/Chosen
Get random reasons for why your character was chosen and/or deemed worthy for something.

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