Responsible & Socially-Conscious Writing

Representation: Why It Matters, & How To Do It Well
A concise primer on what you need to know about representation in fiction.

Writing Fantastic People & Creatures Without Unfortunate Implications
Science fiction and fantasy creatures are often designed in ways that echo or even reinforce bigoted, chauvinistic ideas. Here's what you need to know to avoid this.

Common Ways Fiction Trivializes & Others People - NEW!
A look into some various ways fiction trivializes and others various groups of people, particularly marginalized ones.

How To Challenge Toxic Masculinity As A Writer
Toxic masculinity makes everybody miserable. Here's how you can challenge it in your stories and narratives.

Ways Female Characters Are (Still) Badly Written
A handful of ways female characters are given less depth and forced into the same pigeonholes over and over.

Harmful Myths YA Fiction Could Stand To Counter
Many younger people have some bad ideas about the way the world works and how they ought to behave. Here are a few things that YA fiction could help to correct.

Why "It's Just Fiction!" Isn't A Magic Defense
Should "it's just fiction!" be used as a reason to let an offensive or bad story off the hook? The evidence says no.

Basic Tips For Writing Orthodox Jews
A basic primer on the practices and lifestyle of Orthodox Jews for writers' reference.

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