Questions Writers Should Ask Themselves About Other People's Work

Aspiring authors are often told to write the stories they'd like to see, which is often very good advice. But sometimes they aren't too sure what exactly it is they'd like, aside from "more of this other person's work" or "more like this thing, less like that thing." While that's not a bad place to start, it really is only the start. It's vital to try to understand precisely which elements you really like, or want to see more of, so you can take those elements and use them to weave a story of your own. So to help you figure this out, here are some questions to ask yourself about other people's works.

  • Were there any characters you particularly liked or felt drawn to? What was it about them, or what did they do, that made you feel this way?
  • What made you care whether the protagonist/protagonists would succeed or not?
  • What made you want to see the antagonist/antagonists defeated?
  • What were the most relatable or realistic-feeling traits about the characters?
  • Was there anything about the way the characters interacted or played off each other that you really liked? What exactly was it?
  • Which parts made you feel the most emotional? What happened in those moments? How did the rest of the story build up to them?
  • If applicable, which worldbuilding elements really appealed to you? Why?
  • Did the story make want to be a part of its world? Why? What drew you in thus?
  • Did it teach you any behaviors, attitudes, or outlooks that made you a better, happier, or more successful person? What were they?
  • Did it inspire or help you in any other way? How so? What did it do that inspired/helped you?
  • Was there anything about the overall look/aesthetic you really liked? What was it? Why did you like it? How did it make you feel?
  • Was there anything about the work you didn't enjoy, or that you thought could have been done better? How would you do it differently?
  • Was there anything you felt the story would have been better off without, or at the very least with less of? Why?
  • Was there anything you wish had been explored deeper or shown more?
  • Was there anything you were hoping the characters would do, that they didn't?
  • Was there anything else you were hoping would happen, that didn't happen?
  • Is there anything else you would like to add to the story to make it better, or at least more interesting to you?
  • What are some elements or concepts you really like that aren't actually being used or explored that often these days? How might you use them more?
  • How might you tweak and mix the elements you like or want to see to create something that stands out from what's already out there? How will your creation be different?

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