Prose, Style, & Formatting

How To Write Well - A Quick Guide
Some tips on what to detail and when, what kind of words to use (or not), and how to avoid confusing and frustrating your audience.

Verbal Cliches To Stay Away From
Some oft-used words and turns of phrase you might want to avoid.

How To Increase Your Word Count (Without Resorting To Purple Prose And Gratuitous Introspection!)
How you can make your word count longer without adding needless fluff.

On Showing vs. Telling
What showing and telling are, and why and where you should use each in your writing.

Commonly Misspelled Words & Mangled Phrases
Stuff what's frequently spelled incorrectly.

A Proper Punctuation Primer
The basics of getting punctuation right.

How To Use Paragraph Breaks Properly
A quick guide to properly formatting your paragraphs. It's vital if you want your story to be readable!

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