Plots & Plot Construction

Common Heroic Narrative Tropes We Should Question - NEW!
Many of our heroic narratives contain assumptions that are honestly pretty sketchy. This article explores some of them.

On Plot Structure & Plotting
Information and pointers on structuring the plots of your stories.

Plot & Story Development Questions
Questions to ask yourself to help you work your story and plot out.

How To Plot, Outline, & Finish Your Story
Everything you need to know made short and simple!

What To Do When You Have A Character, But No Plot
Find yourself in this all-too-common predicament? Here's what you can do to get out!

Making Your Characters' Lives Harder: Why You Need To Do This & How It Can Be Done
Sometimes you gotta torture your characters a little, or at least make things difficult and uncomfortable for them. Here's why and how.

How To Avoid Making Your Story And Characters Feel Contrived
If you're concerned that you might have a contrived scenario on your hands, or just want to know how to avoid contrivances in general, this is the article for you.

Highly Frustrating & Disappointing Things Writers Do To Plots
Some of these things have been awfully common lately, and they're all nerve-wracking in their own ways.

On Buildup, Payoff, & Contrast
Using these three elements well is absolutely essential to writing a good story - because if you don't, you'll likely end up with a story that feels dull and dismal even if the most fantastic things in the world are going on!

Dramatic Hyperinflation: Why It's A Problem, And How To Avoid It
Yes, there is such a thing as too much drama - and it can completely ruin a story or roleplay. Learn more about why it does this, and what you can do to prevent it.

The Basics Of Writing A Mystery Plot
How to write a solid mystery plot and avoid some common mistakes mystery writers make.

Tips For Writing Sherlock Holmes-Style Detectives & Stories - NEW!
Write about your own brainy deductive detectives!

On Creating, Building, & Keeping Suspense
How to create suspense that holds your audience's interest - and how to avoid killing it too early.

Reasons Your Story Might Be Stuck - And How To Fix It
Some common reasons writers end up getting stuck - and how to get unstuck in such situations.

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