The Pasta Creep Originality Test

Trying to write a creepypasta story, but concerned that the main spook is a mite too cliche or overdone? Run your creepy critter through this test to get an estimate on whether your character might be a refreshing original, or a repeat of something that's been done a hundred times before.

(For the purpose of this test, the term "creepypasta" will refer solely to the type of story, and the term "creep" will be used to refer to the monster/spook itself.)

Remember, this is not a Mary Sue test. It's just supposed to gauge whether your character might be original or not, nothing more. If a Mary Sue test is what you're looking for, it's over here.

  1. About your creep's name...
    1. Does it have an "X the Y" format? (EG, "Amy the Mutilator" or "Caleb the Butcher.")
    2. Does it have an "(adjective) (name)" format? (EG, "Bloody Brian" or "Grinning Melinda.")
    3. Is it or does it include some variation of the name "Jack" (EG, Jackie, Jacques, etc.), or is it or does it involve the names "Sally" or "Sarah?"
    4. Is it "Stitches" or something similar?
    5. Does it come from or reference another creep? (EG, the name ends in "the Killer" or ".EXE," ".AVI," or any other file extension, etc.)
    6. If none of the above, does it still sound like something that wouldn't sound out of place as a 1960's supervillain?
  2. Does your creep look human, or mostly human? (EG, looks at least as human as Slender Man, Laughing Jack, or a Walking Dead zombie.)
    1. Is or was your creep a human child, teenager, or young adult before becoming a creep - or at the very least, more or less looks like one now?
  3. Does your creep's appearance include...
    1. One or both eyes missing?
    2. Bleeding/oozing from eyes/eye sockets, or perpetual tears?
    3. One or both eyes oddly-colored by human standards (heterochromia counts) or with some other odd-looking quality?
    4. No eyelids?
    5. Bandaging anywhere?
    6. Stitching and/or scarring anywhere?
    7. Unnaturally (by human standards) pale or white skin?
    8. Tentacles?
    9. Pointy teeth?
    10. A Glasgow or Cheshire Cat grin?
  4. Does your creep wear...
    1. A mask?
    2. A hoodie?
    3. Converse sneakers and/or skinny jeans?
    4. Bloody/gore-covered clothes of any kind?
    5. Mostly black clothes, red and black clothes, or anything that looks like something you might find at Hot Topic? (EG, leather, buckles, laces on things that aren't regular shoes, horizontal stripes, chains, zippers, etc.)
  5. Is your creep some sort of doll, puppet, or toy (or resembles one), or has some other kind of doll/puppet/toy theme going on? (Being named "Dolly" or similar counts.)
  6. Is your creep some sort of angel and/or demon (or resembles one), or has some other kind of angel/demon theme going on?
  7. Is your creep some sort of clown, or has an appearance inspired by one, or has any kind of carnival/circus theme going on?
  8. Does or did any of this happen to your creep?
    1. Bullied and/or abused? (Neglect is a form of abuse.)
    2. Murdered or ran away?
    3. Died tragically some other way?
    4. Was revived or saved from death through a means that caused the character to become a creep?
    5. Became a creep after snapping for some reason (EG, trauma, stress, or just out of the blue) and/or coming into contact with another creep?
    6. Killed the bullies/abusers?
    7. Was especially shy and/or sweet/innocent before becoming a creep?
  9. Is your creep disfigured due to self-mutilation?
  10. Was your creep ever committed to a mental facility?
  11. Was your creep used as a test subject in a bizarre and/or cruel experiment?
  12. Does your creep come from or haunt a video game, TV show, or some other form of entertainment?
    1. Is it from something that's well-known in real life?
    2. Is your character ever referred to as a "glitch" or "virus?"
  13. Does your creep come from or haunt some other kind of media, EG, an audio file, CD, video file, VHS tape, etc?
  14. Is your creep supposed to be the "real" version of a fictional character?
  15. Does your creep have a split personality, with one being gentle/sweet and the other being sadistic/murderous ala Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Or does your creep switch between acting sweet/innocent and sadistic/murderous?
  16. Does your creep physically switch between a normal form and a creepy/monstrous/killer form?
  17. Does your creep have a twin?
    1. With an "opposite" personality?
  18. Does your creep haunt or hang around in the woods/forest, or is associated with the woods/forest in any way?
  19. Does your creep come from or haunt a mirror?
  20. Does your creep have a saying/catchphrase, and/or verbally taunt victims?
  21. Does your creep giggle, laugh, and/or sing a lot?
  22. Does your creep say stereotypically childish things (EG, says "mommy" or asks others if they want to "play") and/or wears stereotypically childish things (EG, wears pigtails, a frilly nightgown, one or more hair bows, and/or an Alice band)?
  23. Does your creep have any knowledge about or connection to another creep? (EG, knows or is aware of Slender Man, BEN Drowned, Jeff the Killer, and so on, or is Slender Man's proxy.)
  24. Does your creep kill or torture with a blade or stabby object of some kind? (Unconventional weapons like needles, claws, icicles, or glass shards count, too.)
  25. Does your creep have a signature killing method?
  26. Does your creep typically attack people in their bedrooms at night?
  27. Does your creep kill or torment people with nothing to gain from it, or just because it's fun?
  28. Does your creep ever mutilate or kill in the name of making the victim/victims "beautiful" or "happy" or similar?
  29. Does your creep kill for revenge, or to avenge a perceived wrong?
  30. Does your creep have an explicit mental illness, or is explicitly described as "insane?"
  31. Can your creep infect or corrupt others, drive them "insane," or turn them into proxies?
  32. Does your creep consume human blood, organs, or flesh?
  33. Is your creep basically a zombie or vampire, a zombie/vampire virus, or a bunch of people acting like zombies/vampires for any reason?

Your total is:

1-5 Points
If you have developed your creep properly and end up here, you are doing very well. Congratulations!

6-9 Points
Perhaps a touch on the cliche side, but not necessarily bad if you can create a sufficiently original story and avoid piling further cliches onto your creep.

10-11 Points
Teetering on the border. Dangerous territory to be in. Consider asking yourself if there are any cliched elements you can remove from your creep, and if so, do it.

12-15 Points
Very likely a very cliched creep that needs some serious work done.

16+ Points
If you're here, starting over from scratch might not be a bad idea - it's very likely that your creep isn't much more than a walking pile of cliches.

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