The RP Character Playability Test

As it is, a lot of characters that sound cool on paper or look good on the screen end up being duds when they're actually put into a roleplay, finding themselves doing absolutely nothing and getting utterly nowhere. So take this test to help you determine whether any character you're thinking of playing - whether your own or a character from someone else's work - is more likely to see some adventure or action, or more likely to end up sidelined on the sofa!

Note that unlike other checkbox tests on this site, where a low score is usually preferable, here it's the reverse case - a high score is a good thing!

Also, this test is aimed at characters who are supposed to be protagonists in roleplays - IE, characters who stick around with the main group on a regular basis and aren't just supposed to be killed/apprehended by them. If you've got a character you intend to play as an antagonist, you should check out How To Roleplay Villains Fairly instead.

  1. Does your character have a personal/in-game reason to be around the other characters or where they hang out, and the means/knowledge to get there? - If not, no need to proceed further. Your character is probably a dud, no matter what other qualities your character has. Get your character some means/motivation, then come back and try again!
  2. Do your character's reasons for being around the other characters go beyond "has nowhere else to go," "needs trained/looked after," and/or "is just really bored/lonely?"
  3. Does your character take initiative to meet and talk to other/new people, whether or not it's likely that the character will ever be in a romantic relationship with them?
    1. Will your character continue to interact with and maintain friendships with the ones xe gets along with throughout the game, if it's feasible?
  4. Does your character frequently explore, ask questions, and/or look for answers?
  5. Is your character able and willing to offer suggestions as to what to do or where to go next - while still being open to other people's input and willing to make compromises?
  6. Is your character able and willing to work with others as a team, but is not so talented/powerful/capable that xe can take care of pretty whatever problem comes along while everyone else rests on their laurels?
  7. Is your character able and often willing to help other players' characters with their own problems, challenges, and goals (including characters xe is not in a relationship with, nor is likely to ever be), and do so without doing all the work for them or doing something that instantly fixes the problems, if they're big and/or complicated?
  8. Does your character have problems, challenges, or goals that other characters (including ones your character isn't and won't be in a romantic relationship with) can help with - without necessarily needing to devote almost all of their time to your character for long/indefinite periods of time?
  9. Will your character allow other characters (including ones your character isn't and won't be in a romantic relationship with) to help out with any other projects and problems xe's working on?
  10. Can your character face unexpected or bizarre situations without freezing up or freaking out (at least, for no longer than a few turns or few moments of game time)?
  11. When things don't go according to plan, can your character easily improvise a new plan that uses only the resources xe already has on hand? (In other words, no sudden power boosts or heretofore unmentioned gizmos!)
  12. Is your character willing to learn about and try new and unfamiliar things, even when they have nothing to do with xir love interest?
  13. Does your character often push away, brush off, or behave rudely or abrasively to people to who try to talk to xir?
  14. Is your character prone to holding long grudges that impact xir ability to interact and work with others?
  15. Is your character likely to simply withdraw into solitude (EG, go off to xir room or something) if things get a little tense, irritating, frustrating, or weird?
  16. Is your character likely to question, dismiss, or show condescension or disapproval over "weird," yet harmless tastes, interests, and behaviors that other characters have?
  17. Is your character likely to do anything that would seriously hurt, torment, or incapacitate other people's characters for any reason, or to sabotage/damage their stuff/projects/homes/etc?
    1. For petty or spiteful reasons - EG, being denied something or just not getting as much attention as xe wants?
    2. Because xe's bored and wants amusement?
    3. Or because your character has some easily-activated (per the kinds of things likely to happen in the game) violent/killer mode, or something similar?
  18. If your character makes a mistake or somehow hurts someone (physically, emotionally, etc.), will xe usually try to apologize or make amends?
  19. Will your character learn from xir mistakes, and try to be more considerate/mindful in similar situations in the future so they don't happen again?

Your total is:

13-10 Points
Congratulations! You most likely have a character with a lot of gameplay potential!

9-6 Points
This character will likely be challenging to play, but not necessarily impossible. This may be one of those characters who is really only playable a small percentage of the time. There's nothing wrong with this, but you may want to have other characters to play as well.

5-4 Points
Unless you find a very patient roleplayer, you're probably going to have a hard time getting very far with this character. And even if you do find this kind of player, there's a high chance the game will grow monotonous in a hurry, particularly if your character doesn't like trying new things and/or you don't allow your character to develop and change.

3-0- Points
Most likely, you have a total dud of an RP character who won't get very far in the game.

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