What Kind Of Ghost Are You?

1. Night falls at Wispell Manor, where you and several other ghosts make your home. It's time to get up, and the ghost from across the hall knocks at your door to see if you're getting up! What might your first reaction be?
Jump! The noise startled you!
Giggle, because you know the ghost is just about to fall victim to the trap you laid!
Grumble, because you hate being disturbed!
Lie in wait until the ghost comes in to check if you haven't gotten out of bed already, then pounce!
Float out of bed, because you're ready for a fresh night!

2. You're rounding a corner in your haunted house when a goblin jumps out and scares you! How might you react?
Pull a scary face and scare it right back!
Plan to find a big rubber creepy-crawly to put in the goblin's bed!
Run and hide until you're sure he's gone!
Maybe... I could talk to the goblin and make friends?
Give the goblin a piece of your mind!

3. A human comes to explore your haunted house! You're most likely to...
Hide! Visitors are scary!
Hide! I'll jump out at 'im!
Get your scary face on!
See if there are any cookies! You love visitors!
Double-check your traps!
Growl menacingly!

4. The human gets spooked and runs away, but drops... A BOX OF CRAYONS! Which of these is closest to your first thought?
"I'll draw a pretty picture!"
"I'll draw a scary picture!"
"I'll draw on someone's face!"
"Is it a trap?"
"Eugh, why do humans drop their things everywhere?"

5. While exploring the basement of your haunted house, you find a pile of chains that don't belong to anyone. What would you most likely do with them?
Put them where people can trip over them!
Rattle them to scare people!
Decorate my room with them, maybe hang pretty things from them!
Use them to keep people out of my room!
Mistake them for a monster and run away!

6. After a busy night of being a ghost, you decide to wind things down with a movie, though you've only got three to choose from. Which one do you pick?
The horror movie!
The happy feel-good movie!
The slapstick comedy movie!
I don't. They all sound awful.

7. Halloween night is coming, the one night of the year when ghosts can leave their residences and haunt the whole town! The other ghosts are getting ready for the occasion. Which best describes how you feel about it?
Eager and excited! It sounds like fun!
Unsure... you don't really like scaring people!
Unsure... people can be scary!
Looking forward to having your revenge!

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