What kind of fairy are you?

1. You're out shopping when you see a rack full of a style of shirt you like. You only have money to buy one shirt, and they come in a variety of color schemes. Which one do you choose?
Baby blue, yellow, and white.
Black, blue, and purple.
Green, pink, and yellow.
Ice blue, lilac, and white.
Red, orange, and yellow.
Red, orange, and brown.
Gold, copper, and silver.
Dark blue, light blue, and turquoise.

2. If you had to choose a place to live, which of these would you place the highest priority on?
Someplace with wide-open spaces to run around in.
Someplace with lots of flowers and trees.
Someplace where it snows a lot.
Someplace where I can easily go swimming.
Someplace with easy access to an electronics and/or hardware store.
Someplace I can make an impression.
Someplace they'll allow me to burn things whenever I want.

3. Which of these seems most accurate?
I frequently fluctuate between mellow and wild.
I often look mellow, but I'm just waiting for my chance to let loose.
I'm usually pretty mellow.
I'm usually pretty wild.
I'm usually mellow, but if you start pushing the wrong buttons things are gonna get ugly.

4. What's your favorite season?
No preference

5. When people complain about you, it's usually because...
You're too noisy!
You take too long in the shower and/or bath.
You're too unpredictable.
You easily get out of control and damage things.
Your personality is a bit... icy.
You spend too much time working on projects.
You'd rather spend your time climbing trees than talking to people.
Whenever you come around, playtime is over and people have to get back to work.

6. When you turn on music, you usually choose...
Something soft and soothing.
Something upbeat, playful, and fun.
Something that gets my adrenaline pumping.
Whatever helps me focus.

7. If you could be doing one of the following right now, which would it be?
Planting flowers.
Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows in a campfire.
Taking a swim.
Flying a kite.
Jumping in leaves.
Making ice sculptures.
Setting off firecrackers or bottle rockets.
Building something really neat.

8. Choose a sweet treat:
Red hots and/or a cinnamon gum.
An ice-cream bar and/or popsicle.
A slice of apple and/or pumpkin pie.
Poprocks and/or wintergreen mints.
Marshmallows and/or cotton candy.
Juice and/or a smoothie.
A mocha espresso.
Honey and/or maple candy.

9. Out of the following, your biggest concern about global warming is:
Saving flowers and plants from being killed by changes they can't adapt to.
Keeping the ice-caps from melting.
Stopping ocean acidification and algal blooms.
Developing and building better machines to help lessen human impact.
I was told to stop burning stuff because it was putting more C02 into the air. Buzzkill!
Global warming is causing more violent storms, and raising a ruckus is MY job.
Keeping the air clean and fresh.
Summer has been getting longer and longer - and it's getting too long!

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