Logical Fallacies

Lots of people use them. Well-meaning people lacking in critical thinking skills use them. Jerks who realize they're losing an argument and have nothing better to throw out use them. Politicians and propagandists use them. Social justice people use them. Your parents have probably used them. You have very likely used them.

No matter who uses them and why, they need to be recognized and stopped. People need to be able to recognize when they're being distracted from an important issue, or when they're probably being fed a line of baloney. Those with good intentions undermine their own causes when they commit a logical fallacy, as the opposition can see that this person probably doesn't have a solid platform to stand on, and should therefore be disregarded.

This section is still under construction - more fallacies will be added over time!

Association Fallacy
Attack The Source
Erosion of Definition
Fallacy Fallacy
Hasty Generalization
Ignored Alternatives
Just World Fallacy
"Look! A Distraction!"
Misleading Vividness - NEW!
Nirvana Fallacy
Presume Facts Not Yet Proven
Proof By Assertion
Observational Selection
Origin Fallacy
Perfect Solution Fallacy
Present Content Out Of Context
Questionable Cause
Special Pleading
Straw Man

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