Writing, Roleplaying, & Worldbuilding

Fiction Genre Definitions & Genre-Relevant Article Links
What's the difference between low fantasy and urban fantasy? Which articles particularly apply to science fiction? Go here.

Characterization & Character Creation
Articles pertaining to characterization, development, and design.

Responsible & Socially-Conscious Writing
Fiction has a huge impact upon society; we need to take responsibility for our words.

Pieces on creating and designing fictional worlds and the things in them.

General Storytelling & Other Things
Just what it says.

General Roleplaying - NEW!
Articles that relate to roleplaying in particular.

Marvel Earth-199999
Articles relating to Marvel Comic's Earth-199999 universe, also known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU).

Mary Sue & Similar Tests
Tests to detect suefulness in your works.

Stories written or translated by me.