After seeing some photos claiming 'ghost photos,' I couldn't help but feel a little skeptical. Some of them struck me as being perfectly normal stuff in front of the camera... and I couldn't help but get the feeling I could easily fake them at home.

J and I decided to start experimenting.

We are not saying all ghost photos are fake or are something completely mundane; rather, we are trying to point out how false positives easily can be made. With the exception of having been cropped and resized, the photos are completely unretouched.

Conjuring Up Orbs
These guys're easy.

Spectral Trails
A bit more of a challenge, but not that difficult.

Disneyworld Haunted Mansion Ghost
The stories have it that several rides at Disneyworld are haunted... and supposedly there's photographic evidence.

Ghosts Through The Wall!
My first 'ghost' recreation video!

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