Conspiracy Theories, Paranormal, & Science

A Beginner's Guide To Spotting Cranky Websites
Tips for spotting and avoiding panicky apocalyptic nonsense and other such rubbish.

Tips To Identify Hoaxes, Urban Legends, & Scaremongering
There are a lot of strange and creepy tales going around on the Internet - but how can you find out which ones are true, and which are cooked up by hoaxers and pranksters?

A Fun Experiment To Disprove Claims of Sinister Symbology
Have you run into one of those websites claiming that a Hollywood film or a music album is full of sinister symbols planted by a secret society? Find out why they're full of crap with this simple experiment.

Myths People Believe About Doomsday Believers
There has been a lot of victim-blaming nonsense going around, and it's time for it to end.

Talking About Your Strange & Apparently Paranormal Experiences Without Sounding Like A Complete Kook
Just because you've seen strange lights in the sky doesn't mean that the truth is out there.

Not All Myths & Legends Are Based In Truth
A look into a few cases that show that sometimes, people do just sit around and make this stuff up.

Alexandria's Genesis Is Not Real
And I'm gonna demonstrate why not.

Self-Help & Dealing With People

How To Recognize A Moral Abuser
This is a very insidious type of person who will twist ideals of morality around to control and manipulate others, and it's often very hard to recognize that one is being abused thus.

How To Recognize Gaslighting - NEW!
Gaslighting is a process of manipulation to make you think that you're a crazy or terrible person when you're not, and it's often very difficult to recognize. Here's how.

7 Ways To Make Yourself A Happier Person - NEW!
Easy things that you can try to make yourself happier.

How To Be A Good Anti-Fan
How to hate something and not be a revolting person.

How To Deal With Anti-Fans
How to deal with anti-fans and not make yourself look like a revolting zealot.

Tips To Be A More Interesting Person
Tips to (hopefully) make yourself a more interesting person.

Ways Young People Are Making Themselves Miserable
And what can be done to remedy them.

Basic Tips To Be Witty & Funny
Because anyone - even you - can improve their wit. ;)

How It Feels To Be A Bigot
A look from an ex-insider's perspective.

We Are Who We Make Ourselves - Who Do You Want To Be?
Ever put much thought into how you want other people to see you? Are your actions really the sort of actions that would make people see you this way?


Green Slogans
Slogans for encouraging people to stop throwing their trash everywhere and leaving the tap on. :P

Printable Kana Cards
Printable flash cards for katakana and hiragana.

My Custom Chatzy Colors
Colors I've picked out to use in Chatzy rooms.

What Is Cultural Appropriation, Anyway?
An introduction to the concept of cultural appropriation.

Image & Picture Sourcing - How To Do It Properly
What you need to do when posting images that aren't yours on your website or blog.