Rules & Guidelines Of The Chat (Read Them)

This chat is largely for discussing things about writing and roleplaying - eg, character development, worldbuilding, plotting, etc. That said, it's not the only purpose - we discuss a lot of things here.

If people don't respond immediately, be patient. We do occasionally have to leave our computers to tend to things IRL. Seriously, give people a few minutes to respond.

Don't spam: Don't fill the chat with uber-long rants, all-caps, song lyrics, or "random" stuff. Don't flame people, and if I (Syera) tell you to stop doing something, stop doing it.

Spamming is defined as any continuous input of text that disrupts, rather than contributes to conversation. EG, by posting song lyrics in the middle of a conversation, it becomes difficult for people to keep up with the actual conversation.

Mature/18+ topics and actions are not permitted in the channel. This also means no cybering/sexing, even as a "joke."

Use cautious judgement when talking about potentially-squicky topics. If it involves any kind of bodily fluids or secretions and isn't relevant to writing something correctly in fiction, you should probably keep it to yourself.

Asking people to provide evidence to back up claims we find questionable is standard procedure here; don't take it personally. We won't hold it against you if you turn out to be wrong or mistaken about something. Admitting you were wrong or that you don't know for sure is a lot more respectable than insisting that you are right despite evidence to the contrary and/or insisting that people should take what you have to say at face value when you have nothing substantial to back it up with.

To leave the chat, type "/quit" into the chatbox. Otherwise your name will linger until it times out.

Other IRC Commands

/nick (NewNickname) - change your nickname.
/join #(NewChannel) - join/create a new IRC room - eg, to join #sh.rp, type /join #sh.rp
/me (action text) - make an action post - eg, /me spins a circle.