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To ask a question, you may go directly to my page, or use the handy-dandy widget below. (You will have to check my page to see your answer.)

If you are going to request a new random generator or request changes to a current random generator, please be specific about what you want - EG, give me some examples of the type of thing you're thinking of. Also, make sure that there isn't already a generator that suits your purpose - for example, the vast majority of SF name generators can be used to name planets and kingdoms as well as people, rendering a planet name generator pointless.

Also, check out the Frequently Asked Questions/Frequently Sent Messages page, as it may deal with anything you want to ask/say. Also - I'm probably not going to directly respond to typo reports. Just send 'em and I'll try to fix them, and if they're there after a week or so (and after you've tried refreshing the page), bug me again. :P

Now, go ahead and send me a message - I don't (usually :P) bite!

Apparently, Formspring didn't actually shut down and is now known as "" Since it's a better service than, I've switched back. My old page is still here if you need to check anything, but please direct all questions to my account now.